Saturday, September 24, 2016


--  why I made only one cloth doll before switching to clay.
I finally received the October project pattern and discovered that what I'd thought was a tightly woven fabric - was not, that the dolls hips and bust looked disproportionally large (so I narrowed the hips a bit),  and that no matter how fat I made the fingers, I still couldn't turn them.  So far, I've made a second pair of arms - that I can't turn past the wrist - and three heads.  I haven't tried stuffing head number three yet.  I'm glad I bought a half yard of the fabric.

But my very first discovery before ever cutting the first piece of fabric, was that the pattern itself seemed to be hand drawn without the use of a straight edge or curve.  Having been a drafter for so many years, I notice immediately when a thing, a pattern piece, isn't a mirror image when it's supposed to be.  I'm tempted to draw a Revision A of this pattern for my own use.  I couldn't sell Rev A because the (lopsided) original is copyrighted - and she's selling it for eight bucks a pop!

With so many other demands on my time, I doubt I'll have this project done for show and tell.  I'm thinking of just ditching the doll and making a dress for my unpainted manequin - and of course, it's not the pattern dress.  I didn't like it either, so did some research and came up with a dress I DID like.  A funny thought; not only do I think outside the box, I create my own box.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The idea is floating around Doll Works members.  I think it would be a fun project, especially if we sewed the dolls costume instead of making paper clothes with tabs to hold them in place.  Of course, a sewn costume would require a sturdier doll - perhaps the paper doll mounted on luaun - perhaps show both front and back.  After all if the costume is to be sewn, why not make it complete?

Meanwhile, I'm waiting to receive the pattern for next month's project - my first fabric doll since my poor Christmas doll made of cast off body parts.  I'll start the new doll right away - that is if I can find a good flesh color fabric.  I think my theme will be the 1920's, via some glamorous draped gown with all the beads and feathers.  I need to find the nearest Hobby Lobby.

Monday, September 12, 2016


. . . but life goes on.  Our dream of a farm has been canceled by my son's worsening health.  The farm is now for sale and the proceeds will go to rehab our current city house.  I will get a new bathroom and a studio room (HOORAY!)  and we will still have a small aquaponics setup and a garden as well as a splash pool.  Of course, living in a planned community means dealing with the home owners association (HOA) who can put the kabosh on your most well meaning idea or project.  I guess the idea is to either make it pretty or hide it. Meanwhile, I'll keep on making dolls and things.


Only four members showed up for the meeting, and the pattern making demo got moved aside for  an urgent discussion on collecting member dolls to grace the opening reception of our annual Quilt Fest.  The dolls display had to be set up then taken down that same evening.

I wish our quilt show would include cloth dolls as a regular part of the show.  So many quilters make more than just quilts especially if there are grandchildren about.

I think some times that I'd like to design a quilt, even select the fabrics for it - but I'd never want to actually make it.  I simply don't have the sewing skill or patience!