Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I've offered the Spanish Dancer doll to auction for the Chachi fund.  Bidding to begin Nov. 1 until Dec. 1.  For almost two years, I've stared at that doll, unhappy with the position of her feet and legs.  So last night, I cut her left foot off and removed her from the base. It wasn't as though her feet and legs were pristine; both legs and feet had cracks due to the stress of being out of alignment with her body.  

So now, I must somehow, set her firmly on her feet in a natural position even if it means reducing the look of action.  And I must make the repairs look invisible.  Get busy, Cora. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015


I really do.  Question is: am I up to it?  Mentally, yes, but the old bod has limitations, as does the old pocketbook.  So I've decided to join the Piece Makers quilting group.  They're creative and the dues are reasonable.  I can always just not show up if things get too "political".

And I've put in an application with Michael's for "seasonal" employment.  Another situation where I'm going to learn (if hired) just what my body can handle.  It's been sedentary for far too long!

And, of all things! I offered to read my own story Peggin" to the kids at Wolfson Children's Hospital.  It's very short, about how a skinny fifth grader out smarted the school bully.  I'm scheduled for Jan 19 from ten-thirty to eleven-thirty.  Provided they feel the story is acceptable.  I sent the entire 12 pages for their review but they may find it hard to read (aside from the 30 year old ink jet printing) because the story took place in the Bahamas and the dialog is in Bahamian dialect.  If they decide against it, I'll be fine with their decision.

SO.  I've obligated myself to do these things and now must put my money where my big mouth is.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


MY September song is usually a loud, frantic clashing of unfinished projects.  I really need to put aside my current doll (she of the Styrofoam head) since she has no deadline, finish the re-design of my Christmas stocking pattern then get cracking on Stella Skelly, because she has an ADQ deadline of March 15.  But with the holidays taking a big chunk of that time, I will have to pick up my pace.

AND - I'm working on head number THREE for current doll.  The original gourd head was too big.  the second head - of Styrofoam - was a good size, but I sanded it until it was TOO SMALL!  I'm now working on my very last small Styrofoam egg.  If I screw this one up, the whole thing gets put away until after Christmas.