Saturday, February 27, 2016


My photographer e mailed me this evening to let me know he would be able to "shoot" Stella Thursday after work.  If I have to cancel my own funeral, I will have her ready - and the set!!

I'm still alive, Stella's been shot and there is fine glitter all over the house.  In my effort to make the background moon "glow" I was overly generous with a vial of very fine glitter dust.  I just hope the background I set up won't look so amateurish the photos can't be used.

My photographer, a young man by the name of Cedric Bacon, works a night shift then drives across town (in our case, the entire county) to photograph my dolls.  Since my living and dining area is filled with stacks of boxes, we had to work in my cramped and cluttered office/studio where I'd arranged the setting on top of the sewing machine.  I make sure he gets credit for the photography and my extra copy of any Art Doll Quarterly our work appears in.   Having his work appear in an international magazine, looks very good on his resume.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

STUFF addendum

I must add to the previous post because Juanelle was a most delightful person and her dolls were EXQUISITE !  She brought several of her dolls for me to see and they just blew my mind.  Technically, her work was perfect and artistically, it was very obvious that she was very familiar with the human body.

Despite the packing, bits and pieces of what would be an entire day of (gourd) doll crafting are beginning to come together in my head.  When I do have time to sit down and put it all on paper, it should be - if not complete - then very near it.  Very briefly, it comes down to $60. to $75. per person and they bring a brown bag lunch.. For that price, I provide all materials and  instruction sheets and answer all questions to the best of my ability.   Because of the move and my need to finish Stella Skelly, I'm going to guess that I can pull the class together some time in mid to late March.   Must mark my calendars!