Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Tension is Beginning

Houston is beginning it's faint glow on the horizon.  I'm no longer worried about dolls arriving on time or unbroken.  They've arrived and if they're broken - well, maybe I can salvage them when I get them home.

So, with the doll worries over, suddenly I'm asking myself - what on earth am I going to wear?! I've an idea if I stacked every piece of clothing in my closet, it wouldn't weigh as much as the fabric in my 45 gallon tub  of doll fabric.   It's not that I don't like having pretty new clothes, I just never find any in Michael's or Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's.  And it's well known that I HATE to shop and can't sew worth a darn.

Time out!!

Time out while I battle a flea infestation!!  This is not an uncommon occurrance during a rainey spell.  I've just managed to avoid it for many years.   Standard procedure around here is to treat the dog or pet, treat the inside of the house, the pets' bed or toss it in the washing machine weekly, and treat the yard.  Which is a good argument for keeping the dog confined to the yard.  And the battle is time consuming, because after vacating the house with pet(s) while it's fogged, one must vacuum - and vacuum - and vacuum for several days in order to pick up flea eggs and those that will hatch over the next few days.  AND, in between vacuuming, one launders everything that can be put in a washing machine.  Am I worn out?  Youbetcha!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Trick? or Treat?

Her name is Stella Skelly and she's 30 inches tall.  IF I can have her finished by Halloween, she will be wearing sheer black stockings, a black lace and silk corselette and a short, spider web lace neglegee.
And spiders.                                                                                                                                                        

Friday, September 12, 2014

They're Off!!

Today, I mailed Flynn Hollysharp and the Mardi Gras Marcher to Houston.  Praying these two dolls will arrive with no damage.  I put them in a 45 gallon plastic storage container and used an entire roll of bubble wrap on them - hope it was enough.  And one-way postage saved me about $100. this year because I will be there at the end of the show to pick up the dolls and bring them home.

Tomorrow, I will mail a CD to Art Doll Quarterly magazine in the hope that they will consider the doll photos   it contains to be good enough to publish.

ADQ.jpg (500×667)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Getting Organized - Again

I should probably strike the word "organized" from my vocabulary, because I doubt that I ever will be.  Cleaning up the aftermath of three dolls on two deadlines has presented its own problems, namely, storage.  Finished dolls are a particular problem because they must be protected from dust with large gift basket bags and  stored where the curious won't have easy access.

Fabric storage has become a problem as well.  My primary fabric storage unit is a 45 gallon plastic container  that now weighs upwards of 50 pounds.  The only place it can be stored where it's out of the way but accessible, is under my desk.   But, being a three-sided desk, there is also room (more or less) for eight copy paper boxes, four sweater boxes, one large dress box, a case of copy paper, a rectangular trash can, my Mom's old sewing box and a paper shredder.   Two arms of the top of this monster desk are covered with computer stuff, the third arm is a dedicated work surface.  Which is rarely clear of a project or two.

The rest of the room is just as bad.  It shows signs that I've tried to maintain some form of organization - but haven't quite made the mark.

Oh, well.