Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm in a holding pattern . . . .

Sister will be here tomorrow aftrnoon - I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning - can't pack another thing until Wed morning, just before we leave.  Don't want to start another doll until we get back. I'm in limbo.   So I've been cooking most of the day and freezing what I've cooked.  Don't want rotten food in the 'fridge when I get back and it will be nice to have a heat-and-eat selection on hand.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Details, details . . .

Okay, the road trip is only about 5 days away and there are suddenly a gazillion little details that need tending to. If the filled-in squares on my October claendar were all social engagements, I would be the most popular woman in town. Unfortunately, that is not so.  Most are reminders of those gazillion details.

 Will try to put together an album of the trip in a reasonable time.  That means my sisters will have to download their cameras, too.  DID YOU HEAR THAT, GIRLS?

Plus Two, Minus One.

Plus Two - my dolls The Falconer and The Fairy Queen will be published in the winter and spring editions of Art Doll Quarterly magazine.  I received two copies of the winter edition yesterday - published artists always receive an extra copy to share or keep pristine for their archives.

Minus One - the fashion world lost Oscar de la Renta.