Tuesday, April 5, 2016



Once again, I've  managed to post another "Ive been published" badge.  Months after it was awarded, of course.  Seems I can never get it right the first few times I try and success is more often than not, accidental.
Be that as it may, I'm happy to have sold my Mardi Gras doll to Carol Thornton,  A woman I've known since she was in first grade.  It pleased me to pieces that she remembered me, reminding me of a drawing I'd done for her Mom and of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I made for her and her brothers and sisters. 

Getting the doll packed for shipment was an exercise in frustration.  Armed with my  25 foot steel tape, I visited the Big Box stores looking for (and measuring) plastic storage boxes. Finally, at Target, I was at my wits end.  On my way out of the store, I saw some kitchen trash cans.  One tall bag container just fit.  Without the lid.  So I bought just the container.  I splinted her unbent leg with popcicle sticks, taped her base to a foam platform, lined the container with carpet padding and filled the whole thing with foam peanuts.  I made the lid from a large scrap of foam core poster board, reinforced it, tied it down with cable ties and tape - and prayed.
The doll arrived safely except for a hairline crack on the protected leg.  I suggested Carol use a thin formula CA glue if she felt glue was necessary.  

adq.jpg (120×160)And I'm wrapping up the putting-together of student kits for a gourd doll class I've been asked to teach.  I just hope there will actually BE some students!   I've managed to cut the price per student considerably, so that should help.  This should be a fun class and I'm really looking forward to it.