Friday, January 31, 2014

Flynn, armed and still in her shift

I have my grand daughter’s permission to present her D&D ‘persona’ doll at the In Celebration doll show. We plan to have persona Flynn Hollysharp armed and beautiful by show time.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stay indoors!

Good grief, I can’t believe how COLD it is here in the ‘Deep South’! I’d stay in and sculpt like crazy if I could, but the heat pump chose yesterday to freeze up. Seems the defrost panel and sensor gasped their last. Hope to get them replaced today. Meanwhile, I think this would be a good day to make some bread and cookies and – - anything I can make to keep the oven going.
I’ve been working on my ADQ Medieval challenge doll. Still have details to add to the figure – ears, hands, etc. but the costume pattern making is moving along very well. (so far). I’m fortunate to have seamstress friends who donate ‘leftovers’ to my fabric stash.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Friend indeed!

Yesterday, my friend Joyce arrived from California to spend a few weeks with me while she house hunts. I mention her because she is the angel who sent me a LARGE box of pure silk fabric she had purchased in Singapore years ago. Of course, what I got was left overs from her dress making, but one doesn’t need yards of fabric for doll costumes. Joyce also sent a smaller box of ribbon, lace and trims which will last the rest of my life. It is good to have creative friends.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Treasures of the Gypsy

Yesterday, I received my entry package for this annual doll show held in Houston each fall. This is always an exciting surprise, because although I’ve known the theme of the show for months (it changes each year) and may have even made costume sketches – the fabrics and trims in the entry package have the final say.  The fabric pieces are  are small, about 12″ by 18″, the trims 12″ to 18″ long as well.  And each fabric and trim MUST be used – along with your own fabrics and trims.  Depending on your personal ‘stash’ of fabrics and trims, this can add up to some awesome costumes! This year’s theme is Mardi Gras, so you can bet the show is going to be mind blowing!!

Friday, January 10, 2014


O’mygosh, did I make a boo-boo!  In a previous post, I wrote that I’d been invited to participate in the All Dolls Are Art competition.  Wrong show!  I was invited to participate in the Celebration of the Doll show.  Both of these shows run concurrently with the Treasures of the Gypsy doll show . . . AND these three doll shows run concurrently with the International Quilt Festival at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.  This year, from Oct 30 to Nov 2.
SO. If you find yourself in Houston during that long autumn weekend, check out all the shows at the convention center. It’s a great way to get your booster shot of creativity.