Tuesday, December 9, 2014


As a rule, I start revving up for Christmas when I put the Jack-o-lantern back in the attic.  But Jack never made it downstairs this year because I was in Houston on Halloween.  Thanksgiving has been turned over to grand daughter, since she has a very large kitchen and a large, custom built dining table.  Not to mention a gaggle of friends.

I still retain Christmas hosting rights - my small home can handle the few family members still around.  Besides, I have a fireplace and all the Christmas stockings!  But this is the year I donate 90% of my accumulated decorations to grand daughter and her significant other.  The big wreath over the fireplace and some poinsettias will be enough to brighten my interior.

So I'll do some baking.  A neighbor gave me three huge Meyers lemons which will go to make lemon bars.  Another favorite I'll make is mincemeat cookies.  And as my son said when he was young - "it isn't Christmas until Mom makes Ambrosia".  Bags full of free citrus make that easy enough.  If you're willing to prep it  from scratch.  A labor of love in my case.

The pressure of deadlines is off.  I've decided competition is just too expensive.  I will make custom D&D figures and figures I sketched months and years ago.  A doll to-do list of ideas that seemed worth exploring in-depth.   But first, we must "do"  Christmas.                                

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Gingerbread Extravaganza!

December 1, 2014

Both gingerbread projects have been delivered - always a tense moment since the house is large and weighs close to 40 pounds.  The house was last years' project and though it didn't win any prizes, it was very popular so we were asked to protect it and return it to show again.

The drama (and trauma!) began when Mary and I were moving said house from my closet to the dining table.  Half way across the living room, my foot got tangled in the plastic cover and I went down - hard - on top of the gingerbread house.   It is a tribute to our construction methods that I sustained more damage than the house.  The scratches on my face are almost gone as are the bruises on my wrist although the impact spot is still qtuite sore.  The house lost a single, small gumdrop which the dog probably got because I can't find it.

As for this years' project, we made it quick and simple - a snowman, a fire hydrant and a wire haired terrier. The title is "Decisions, Decisions".

Tomorrow night is the reception for the artists and sponsors and awards.  From December 3 through 23, visitors will be able to bid on the pieces offered for sale.  Can you imagine how thrilled the children would be to see a gingerbread house on the mantel or in the center of the dining table?