Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another ADQ Challenge

I think my sewing skills may be improving.  A little, anyway.  My research re; the Middle Ages left me wallowing in costume confusion.  Seems the current generation isn’t the only one to push the fashion envelope.
Things I’ve learned: there’s an art to working with real fur – and I haven’t learned it.  My little sewing machine wouldn’t handle even the thinnest pelt – so I glued it in place with fabric glue.  So my doll’s costume looks very elegant – so long as the glue holds.

Monday, February 10, 2014


. . . . . akin to writer’s block, I suppose.  It’s when ideas or solutions to problems just won’t work or your eye-hand coordination seems to have taken a holiday.  It’s when you keep making one mistake or bad judgement after another until there is nothing left to do but walk away from whatever it is that seems determined to defeat you, no matter your deadline.
I’m in burnout mode at the moment.  I’ll recover, always do.  This is why I always have several projects going at a time.  It’s always good to step back from a project and look at it with a fresh eye.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Earning a Badge

My bride doll was published in the Art Doll Quarterly which thrilled me to pieces.  In addition, it was a first for young photographer Bria Broadwell who made a CD of the bride photos I sent to ADQ.
When a doll artist’s work is published in ADQ, the publisher always sends the artist an extra copy of the issue her work appears in. The artist is also frequently sent via e mail, a ‘badge’  she may copy and paste into her blog or web site – anywhere she wants to announce that her work has been published in a prestigious magazine.  So far, I’ve managed to irretriveably delete all but one of my badges, which I will now attempt to add to this post.  The badge is simply the cover of the issue in which the doll appeared.