Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Still fumbling

Still stumbling around in this blog!  Don’t know what I’d do without my geeky grand daughter!

Monday, December 9, 2013

...even paper dolls!

I work part time at a stamp and paper crafting supply business.  Every once in a while, the manager and I put our creative heads together and come up with some awesome stamp designs.  The paper doll stamps – with wardrobe, of course – have been a huge success and we’re working on another set.   This has to be the most fun I’ve had since I designed clothes – mostly glamorous evening gowns – for my movie star paper dolls like Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable.  Of course, I’ve just revealed my age by listing these ’40′s glamour queens but they brought out the designer in me.  Here’s a link to the business – check it out.  www.marksfinestpapers.com

Here's a photos of what they look like made up!
 This was made by the talented paper crafter, Lois Bak

All Dolls are Art

My Gypsy Challenge dolls have been put aside – I will attempt to replace HER legs after the holidays.  I was given an additional honor by the Challenge facilitator when she invited me to submit a doll to the All Dolls Are Art show which runs concurrently with the Gypsy Challenge.  The cost of mailing TWO dolls to Houston and back made me shudder – but I’m going to try my best to do it.  Maybe I could send both dolls in the same container?  Must wait and see what October brings.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good News and Bad News

My doll couple Sergio and Stephania won a Judges Choice award at the recent 2013 Gypsy Challenge Art Doll show in Houston, TX. I was thrilled to death until they arrived back home. When I opened the box and took out the bubble wrap – Stephania fell out – both legs broken at the knees and ankles. Did a quick contact with the doll group who packs the dolls for return and was assured that the doll was standing on her own when packed for shipping. So – this isn’t the first time UPS has damaged one of my dolls and I have a claim in the works.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Flynn Hollysharp, Her Other Self

Almost a year ago, my grand daughter handed me a print out of a red haired warrior standing with nocked arrow in her long bow.  Though she wore no plaid, my first impression was of a female Brave Heart.   “This is Flynn Hollysharp, my Dungeons and Dragons persona”  grand daughter informed me.  I’ve heard of D & D but have no idea how it’s played.  She tried to explain it to me but within a minute, I stopped her.  It was far too complicated for ME!  But I did offer to make a doll of her “persona” because I thought her beautiful.  Grand daughter was thrilled and began immediately to gather leather and fabrics she felt would be appropriate for Flynn.
I got Flynn sculpted and mounted and ordered her flaming red hair from The Doll Artists Workshop (www.minidoll.com and creativedoll.blogspot.com).  By the time we could create the patterns for Flynn’s clothing, the hair had arrived.  We had managed one piece of clothing made then we both got side tracked by other obligations.   But I have a window of time now and it’s time I got back to Flynn’s wardrobe.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

That Time of the Year

Since the pressure to finish dolls for competition has eased, I’m taking time to make a few Christmas gifts.  First out of the sewing machine is for my grand daughter’s own “knight in shining armor”.  A sock of armor (?) to hang above the fireplace on Christmas eve.   I had enough fabric in my stash and a piece of gift wrapping paper is fine for cutting out a pattern.  I’ve promised to fill the sock with cookies.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Exhibit at the library

Another exhibit of my dolls, this time at the main library downtown for the month of October.  Check them out in the display cases on the second floor.  Don’t worry, there are elevators.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hope for an art doll group

Last year, I did an intensive search for an art doll group here in Jacksonville,  I found doll collectors and a doll hospital.  Some day, maybe?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


When my neighbors discovered I was making dolls, I was gifted with tons of fabric scraps, lace and trims.  I have wonderful  neighbors

Monday, September 9, 2013

ADQ Gypsy Doll Challenge

The theme for this year is a Gypsy masquerade ball.
It’s midnight, the time for unmasking. Sergio is about to steal Stefania’s mask and claim a kiss.

ADQ Circus Challenge

Yesterday, Bria Broadwell, an aspiring young photographer, came to take photos of figures I made for the Art Doll Quarterly magazine’s Circus Challenge.  Winners will be published in the summer issue due out on May 1, 2014.  Those of you who belong to the Cloth and Clay Doll Group which has recently merged with The Trodden Path, are familiar with ADQ’s challenges.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Balinese Dancer

The doll that started it all!
While attending a gourd show in Palatka, Florida, I stopped at a vendors table to check out her small gourds.  I picked up one and said “It looks like a doll’s body”. to which she replied, “I have the heads over here.”  The rest, as they say, is history.  At the following year’s show, I entered the Balinese Dancer.   She didn’t win anything, but one of the judges insisted that I must write a tutorial on her construction.  I did and it ran in The Gourd Magazine, the official publication of the National Gourd Society.
I had attempted to make dolls prior to this little  dancer, but can only conclude that I was using the wrong materials.  Cloth dolls were quickly eliminated because I don’t sew well and  seem able to make only lumpy limbs.   Clay seemed to be the only medium I felt simpatico with.