Saturday, August 20, 2016


That sounds awful, I'm sure, but I miss not having an entire room - okay, house - to spread out numerous projects in.  My creative process is probably short circuited some how, because unless I have a deadline looming over me (too many years in publishing?)  I tend to hop from project to project on the slightest excuse, ergo: I ran out of a required color of paint, the glue dried up, I cut a pattern piece on the wrong side of the fabric, or most annoying, finally admitting her head is too big/small and requires  replacing.

Joining the DollWorks group is keeping me involved and scrambling to keep up with these very talented ladies.  But, my room is quickly filling up not only with finished pieces but with leftovers from making those pieces.  I can see me eventually taking a load of "stuff" to the storage unit so I can find my bed.  I'll have a proper work space again eventually.

Meanwhile, my sister will be down here from the mountains of N Carolina the last two weeks of September to do a house search.  I'm going to do my best to influence her choice to include a generous "craft/sewing room."   I'm sure she'd let me share it once in a while.

Her son is urging a duplex so that they may be close but not together.  I like the idea because HE is also very artsy crafty and we think very much alike.  I've learned that working with other creative people multiplies the creative output exponentially.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.                                                  

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Finally received my fall edition of Art Doll Quarterly yesterday and Stella Skelly didn't make the cut - or rather, she WAS cut from the "Glamour Ghoul" contestants.  This would have been the perfect venue for Stella, had I sent better photos.  My photographer tried his best to give me what I wanted but what I wanted was photographically unrealistic - and bless him, he seemed unwilling to tell me "NO".  So, perhaps I'll enter her next year if I don't sell her before then.

                            "TRICK? OR TREAT?"
                              STELLA SKELLY