Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Flynn Hollysharp, Her Other Self

Almost a year ago, my grand daughter handed me a print out of a red haired warrior standing with nocked arrow in her long bow.  Though she wore no plaid, my first impression was of a female Brave Heart.   “This is Flynn Hollysharp, my Dungeons and Dragons persona”  grand daughter informed me.  I’ve heard of D & D but have no idea how it’s played.  She tried to explain it to me but within a minute, I stopped her.  It was far too complicated for ME!  But I did offer to make a doll of her “persona” because I thought her beautiful.  Grand daughter was thrilled and began immediately to gather leather and fabrics she felt would be appropriate for Flynn.
I got Flynn sculpted and mounted and ordered her flaming red hair from The Doll Artists Workshop ( and  By the time we could create the patterns for Flynn’s clothing, the hair had arrived.  We had managed one piece of clothing made then we both got side tracked by other obligations.   But I have a window of time now and it’s time I got back to Flynn’s wardrobe.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

That Time of the Year

Since the pressure to finish dolls for competition has eased, I’m taking time to make a few Christmas gifts.  First out of the sewing machine is for my grand daughter’s own “knight in shining armor”.  A sock of armor (?) to hang above the fireplace on Christmas eve.   I had enough fabric in my stash and a piece of gift wrapping paper is fine for cutting out a pattern.  I’ve promised to fill the sock with cookies.