Thursday, March 19, 2015

Promise to Myself

I promised myself I'd devote the summer to garden and home improvement - but that doesn't stop the "doll dreams" from popping into my thoughts and demanding action.  Any kind of action.  So I gave myself permission to put the idea on paper, even pull fabric, put it in a shoe box, label it and shelve it.  If I am very, very diciplined, I will have a half dozen dolls at least, waiting to be made by August/September.

Of course, the holidays seem always to blindside me - I'm never fully prepared for the baking and shopping and spur of the moment crafts.  And I always get a kick out of showing my little artist friend Jacob how to do something new.  I think this year, we'll try decoupage.  It's just messy enough that he should love it.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Dolls are Done. Long Live the Dolls.

Both Flynn and the Spanish Dancer were photographed yesterday.  They are my response to the  last two ADQ challenges - mostly because both were already made.   I've decided I must ignore future challenges, no matter how they tempt me because years of newspaper and television work have shaped my automatic response to the word "deadline";  that is to shut out all other distractions until the job is complete no later than the deadline date.

The photographer for these last two dolls is a young man I met Thanksgiving at my grand daughters' house.  He showed me some of his work and I was quite impressed.  I asked if he would photograph my dolls and he was eager to do so.   For FREE!  So I fed him lunch and made him a batch of cookies.   Now, I'm waiting for the proofs - or whatever they're called.  One of the dolls must be in CA no later than the 15th - which is coming up fast.  The second doll isn't due in CA until  the 15th of  June.  If I'm really strong, it will be August before I make another doll.