Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Book Signing -- of sorts

I have arranged to do a book signing at Books-A-Million next Saturday.  I'm steeling myself for it to be a big flop.  Primarily because I'll not be signing an actual book but a quarterly magazine - Art Doll Quarterly.  I don't know how well this magazine sells here in Jacksonville.  I suspect not very well.  I've certainly not managed to contact any other doll makers any closer than Palm Coast.

But, I've stuck my neck out, sent a "press release" to the Times Union, the Folio Weekly and BUZZ, another weekly entertainment tabloid.  If I get a dozen people to stop at my table as a result of those ads,  I'll be pleased.   I've asked Bria to come too, since she was the photographer for several of the dolls.  If she can leave plenty of her cards, she won't have to stay.  She's young, will probably have her boyfriend with her and I can see her getting bored very quickly.

Meanwhile, I've selected the clothes I will wear - sorry, sisters, I don't own a blazer.  On the other hand, this is FLORIDA.   AND - I stumbled upon a panic situation.  I forgot that all my business cards have my OLD phone number on them.  So, in the wee hours, I paint out the old number and hours later, hen the paint is dry, carefully print in the new.  Hopefully, there will be no more panic moments.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sometimes . . . . .

. . . . sometimes, I feel like I'm advancing backward.  Good things happen but I can't take part or must limit my participation.  Houston was good - but I was burdened with a (borrowed) walker and slowed us down.  My Mardi Gras doll won a Judges Choice award - but Flynn's fingers were broken.

Friday, January 2, 2015

My New Year's Resolution

-------- is to make NO resolutions.   But I am going to try to make this the year I learn how to post a photo - on my blog, on my facebook page - anywhere.   And I have a couple of dolls started that need to be finished.  Of course, I always have sketches of figures I'd like to make, have even pulled fabrics and trims for  some of them.  I hope to improve my pattern making skills, too.  Must check with Jo-Ann's to see if they carry the red "lay out"? tape the designers on Project Runway use.  It looks like such a logical way to create a pattern.   Goinag to try to get rid of all the paper clutter, too.  In a year's time, I must surely recieve a TON of paper in the mail alone.  Hope my shredder is up to the job.