Friday, November 7, 2014

Miss Mardi Gras won - Second place, I think.

The Gypsy Challenge had but three winners, Best in Show and two Judges' Choice.   I spent my winnings on a packet of lovely pink fabrics at the Gypsy booth.  I envisioned all sorts of lovely (doll) costumes I could make with it.  Unfortunately, Flynn Hollysharp didn't win anything but she did loose the tips of her fingers on her left hand, which allowed her bow and arrow to drop.  I'll make the repair then return Flynn to her rightful owner - my grandaughter.  I've asked her to use Flynn as a marketing tool on the D&D sites.

I've decided I can no longer afford to compete in the Gypsy Challenge.  It's just too expensive to mail a doll to Houston and back, an average of $200. + round trip.  If the prize money was enough to cover that expense I might reconsider, but a $30. gift certificate, though nice, just doesn't do it.

Despite the hundreds of vendors, I only bought three things; a little iron that looks like a toy but is the perfect size for doll costumes, some bobbins for my sewing machine and the fabric mentioned above.  But the holidays are fast approaching and I'm putting the dolls aside until the new year.  My friend Mary and I have a gingerbread snowman to build.