Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's been a Girl Day

Today has been special for me because I got to spend most of it with my grand daughter.  We were working on Flynn's costume and weapons, having some lunch (honey chicken with jasmine rice and veggies), read each other's poetry, freed her Mom's computer of several thousand emails - and let conversations wander where they would. 

Though just graduated from college, she's looking for a class or course to take - writing, perhaps? " Perhaps," she said. " I can't help that I come from a family of readers and writers".  Am I surprised she feels an urge to continue learning?  No.  This is the child who wore her back pack full of books most of the summer before starting first grade.

Friday, May 23, 2014

I Can See Clearly - Soon

So - clear the desk and pull out the basket containing the goods and materials to finish the next doll.   The Gypsy Challenge this year is Mardi Gras and I may have a winner.
But first the figure must be as perfect as I can make it - which is taking some doing.  I've discovered the reason my vision has become so fuzzy is that scar tissue has grown onto the lens inserted during cataract surgery.  In a couple of weeks, we get rid of it and I'll be able to see all the flaws I'm missing today.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Art Doll Quarterly Challenge

Every once in a while, I get excited about one of the ADQ challenges - usually when a full-blown idea instantly hits me between the eyes.  Having been an illustrator for so many years, I usually need only a theme to conjure up a story or scene.  The Medieval Times challenge did that.  But no fine ladies in flowing robes and pointy hats for me.  I took my young lord, his dog and falcon to a snow blanketed field to practise the finer points of hunting on the wing.

Art Doll Quarterly is very strict about having first rights on art, so to be on the safe side, I'll not publish this doll until after the winter issue is out.  Whether or not it's used.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Plan B

The weather guy was right - we had scattered showers all day Saturday. Thank goodness my son thought to bring us a big roll of light weight plastic to cover the tables when the mist became a shower. Despite the weather, business was brisk and we made a respectable dollar amount. The high-ticket items that didn't sell will go on craig's list. Sunday was spent hauling everything back into the spare room with the idea of doing another yard sale - maybe in June or July. Meanwhile, I'm relieved to have my shop back and am eager to get back to work on my dolls. Now that grandaughter has graduated, we've planned an intensive "finish Flynn Holysharpe" day. Love working with that girl. She is so sharp and SO creative!