Friday, January 6, 2017


The "simple" shift I designed for the "20's" doll, has become a nightmare.  The main and most frustrating problem being that I can't seem to plan the steps of garment construction in their proper order.   I sew steps one and two then must rip out step two in order to sew step four.  If the pattern was printed their would be no (or fewer) problems, but when I must design and make my own patterns, I seem to focus on the finished garment and forget the construction details.   I suppose, like everything else, I shall (eventually) learn by painful and expensive experience.  I hope I live long enough!  As it was, I had to just walk away from it yesterday and plunged into a frenzy of sorting and organizing my studio.  It's hardly finished, but the path through the room is wider now.

As for the doll itself, although she was made of a perfect doll fabric, she was handled so much that the fabric became soiled - so I gave her a coat of gesso.  Today, I will sand her if possible  and give her another coat of gesso, sand her again then give her a pale 20's complexion.  Then pray she will be dry enough to take to Cinnamon's on Sunday.        

Cinnamon's is a quilt and fabric shop on the southwest side of  town.  There are two work rooms, one of which we may use on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for $5. per person.  I will gladly pay the $5. and brown bag my lunch to be able to work on a project for five hours as opposed to the two or three hours we had at the church which included setting up and putting away tables and chairs.