Thursday, December 29, 2016


Okay, Christmas is over (I received a great new bed!) and New Year's Eve is day after tomorrow.  Time to recycle the last of the boxes and gather up all the glittery do-dads that can be used again and store them in the big box labeled "Christmas Stuff".  Not sure where that box will be stored since the room it was in is now my bedroom.

New Year's Eve is an annual non-event for us but I will stop by Pete and Melanie's in the afternoon and be back home before dark and the drunk drivers.  Melanie teaches hypertufa and sells her pieces at craft and garden fairs.  She is a vegetarian - tho' Pete is not - and she celebrates the equinox and seasonal changes by inviting friends to visit, have a glass of wine a snack and a chat.  Weather permitting, out doors in her garden with rescue cats in attendance.

Once construction has moved from this end of the house, I can do some serious rearranging in an effort to make my work run smoother.  Then, perhaps I can catch up with the DollWorks ladies.   Stop laughing - it's a goal!

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