Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Today, workers finished laying the bamboo flooring in what will become my new bedroom.  The room has been freshly painted and practically glows.  I've been told I can move furniture in tomorrow, but they will start putting in (after first tearing down) my new bathroom tomorrow.  I will have a walk in shower with a bench.  No more lifting my stiff and aching legs into the tub.  SO.  After workers leave this evening, I start hauling stuff out of the bathroom - and into the new bedroom for the time being.  After the bathroom rehab, my current bedroom will be painted and have a new bamboo floor.  THIS WILL BE MY LONGED FOR STUDIO!

But, moving furniture to and from the storage unit will be a problem.  I'm considering hiring the same crew that moved my stuff from Macclenny to Jacksonville.  Hmmmm, after today's shopping spree, I wonder what my checking account looks like.  Guess I'd better check it.

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